Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tired Yet Fulfilled Mom

Hey Guys, how's your week going?

The past days, it seems that hours in my day are getting shorter and shorter - with my home-based work, homeschooling, taking care of a toddler and a tweener, a wifey, a kids' church volunteer, etc, etc.  Oh well, just a normal week for me. :-)

But today was an exceptional day.  Everyone in the family got fever and cough.  This virus has been circulating in my home for the past days, but today, it got my whole family - including Dad, who has not been sick for years.

I am not used to doing things in the house, it is normally Dad who takes care of everything with the help of the helpers and nanny.  I will just work quietly in our room.  That is how blessed i am - thank God for my husband.

So for the first time in ages, i got to be a REAL mommy, taking care of children and a REAL wife looking after my husband.

All throughout the day, i need to monitor the medicines, giving them sponge baths, assisting to the comfort room, preparing their food, comforting them and most of all, loving them.  It was sooo tiring but fulfilling.  It is really true that giving is better than just receiving.

I was just praying all throughout the day that if i will get sick, let them be well first. It was because midday, i can feel that my body is already weakening and burning up.  It is a good thing, i finished the day well.

After this wonderful day, i just need to celebrate and treat myself after.  I prepared myself a cucumber salad - my favorite snack.

I know that it was only by God's grace i was able finish everything and in all honesty, i love doing all of those for them.  But... i am not looking forward to doing it again anytime soon. :-)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

My Vlogger Daughter

It is a new generation already - no doubt!

Can you believe that my 11-old daughter is more techie than me? Oh well, i think this generation is really that way. (On the sidenote, my almost 3-year old also has his own preferences on his YouTube Kids.)  Going back to my daughter, she is already maintaining her own YouTube Channel, What's Up Erica.  There is also her counterpart website.

She was influenced by her favorite YouTubers, Aphmau, I Has Cupcake, LD Shadow Lady.  I just make sure that these YouTubers are not cussing or doing anything inappropriate, of course. :-)

Every time she tries something new, she asks me to take a video and with just the iMovie app on my iPhone, she edits her them.  She does this effortlessly!  I tried to edit one video and took me ages. What a shame, isn't it?  Wow, i can foresee that any day soon, i will have her teach me some other techie stuff.

You know what, every time i watch her videos, i cannot help it but feel very proud of her accomplishments.  Of course, they are not perfect, but for me, they are. :)

Sunday, June 11, 2017

And We Are Now Four!

Wow, it has been 4 years since i last posted an entry in this blog.  So many things happened in my life.  Emjay came in our life, which made it so much colorful and brighter.

He is already turning 3 years old next month and we are so blessed to have him in our family.  He came from our hearts and not my tummy.  He was chosen by us - with love. <3

He loves learning - he already knows how to recite the alphabet (even in sign language), thank you for Signing Time with Rachel, count 1 to 20, recognize colors and shapes and much, much more.

He absorbs everything he sees in TV that is why we are very careful in what we watches.

He loves to dance.  We attend Kid's Church in CCF Manila and he knows all the dance motions, all of them - no kidding. :-)

So much more to tell you about this little man of ours, but that would be for the next posts.  And also the challenges of our now Ate Erica with her new baby brother.

Bring him up is such a joy and privilege.  We continually thank the Lord for entrusting him to our care.

Love you, Big Bro!