Friday, January 4, 2013

My Daughter is Heart Broken

How do you deal with a broken heart?   You cannot eat, you cannot smile, it seems that the world has left  you all alone…   For us adults, it is already very hard.  What more for a 7 year old?

Broken heart comes in many forms.  It can be because your boyfriend left you, your dream guy  had a girlfriend already or marriage ended.  But for a 7 year old, it can be as ordinary as a friend leaving.

When I told my daughter that her friend already left without saying goodbye to her – she just froze!  She just said, “She lied to me.  She told me she will not leave me?”  She is really trying to be strong and acting nothing happened,  but then after 5 minutes,   she broke into tears.  She embraced me and cried for a long time.

I explained to her that really happens.  She will experience many more heart breaking things in life.  Life is really like that, and not a bed of roses that will give you all things you like and full of happiness.   But how can a 7-year old understand that?  But I said, “…one thing is for sure, Mama, Daddy and Jesus will always be with you – no matter what.”

Until now, she is still recovering.  Trying to forget her friend .  We are not allowed to mention “the name we were not supposed to say” in the house or else she will freak out. Hahaha!  Right now, she said that she is already 75% recovered and some more happy days and she will be A okay.

Well, I can say, that kids and adult alike can deal with broken hearts almost the same way.  But as a mother, I wish my kid will not go through this experience again.   But life is life…  we can just face whatever is in store for us – including our kids.