Friday, April 15, 2011

Do Not Grow Too Fast...

I have been looking back and starting to realize how fast time flies...

I just do not want to let go of my baby, i do not want her to grow older anymore.  I want her to always be by my side, needing me, asking me about everything and loving me...  oh, i am getting teary eyed now!

It seems like yesterday when i am just changing her diapers, now she can take a bath by herself.

I used to tell stories before she sleeps, now - she is the one full of stories.  It is her turn now to tell what happened to her for the day.

I used to just carry her and stroll the park, now she is leading the way.

It seems like yesterday when i just choose the dresses that she will wear.  Now, she knows what she wants when we go shopping.

Oh, she now even wants to cook by herself.. (but of course, she still cannot)!

Do not grow old too fast, my honey!  Please...  be our baby for some more years!

I love you, anak!

Always be happy,

Zarah Pimentel is firstly a very proud mom to a 5year old girl. She is a co-founder of Hire a VA, an SEO Company in the Philippines that outsources SEO Specialists and Virtual Assistants from the Philippines. She takes pleasure in with helping entrepreneurs grow their companies by setting them free in doing basic duties and helping them in more ways they could imagine. She has been featured in several magazines and a book entitled, How to Start a Home-based Business to Become a Work-At-Home Mom.

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