Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Celebration of Life

This may be off my usual topic...  but i feel i just have to share my what i felt when i attended a 'celebration of life' get together.  Well, this is the new term for funeral service or a wake.

I usually do not attend this kind of gathering or even goes to a hospital to visit sick loved ones.  I do not know the reason why but i just do not want to do that, unless really necessary.  I just realized the reason when i attended my cousin's celebration of life.  It has to do with 'mortality', not only mine but to all the people around me.

In just a second, something might happen to anybody - whether a sickness, an accident or just about anything else.  A life will be ended just like that, without any warning.   And i just do not want to face this reality of life then. But now i know and i accept that this will happen to everybody, including me or to the people i love.

So what can i do now?  I will just make it a point to express my love to those people.  I will not keep any ill feelings about anybody.  I will make the most out of my day.  Spend more quality time with my family.  These things will seem impossible to do all the time, but i will try my best.

Maybe, it is also time for you to feel what i am feeling - for you to value people around you.

Always be happy,

Zarah Pimentel is first and foremost a very proud mother to a 5year old girl. She is a co-founder of Hire a VA, an SEO Company in the Philippines that outsources SEO Specialists and Virtual Assistants from the Philippines. She takes pleasure in with helping entrepreneurs grow their companies by setting them free in doing basic duties and aiding them in more ways they could imagine.

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