Friday, February 19, 2010

How Time Flies..

Whew, how time flies! It is almost a year since i last written a post... I have been super dooper busy!

Right now, i am still busy as a bee, juggling my being a mom to Erica and being Zarah the super VA (hahaha)! But both roles have been well and good.

As a matter of fact, me, together with some colleagues put up an outsourcing company, Hire a VA. And we are now closing 2 big accounts (crossing my fingers and praying hard)!

With Erica, she is in honor roll now and very, very, very smart! (this is her mom talking, sorry!) She usually tells me when it is time for me to work, "Mommy, you can leave me and go back to work now!" or "Who is your boss now?" She knows i have different bosses in different times of the day.

So far, so good then. And i am always thankful for all the blessings that i am continuously receiving.

Hope it is well with all of you!

Till the next post...


The author, ZSPimentel is a Virtual Assistant Mom and currently a co-owner of the company, Hire a VA which outsources VA and SEO Specialists at a very reasonable rates.

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