Friday, May 15, 2009

Heaven in Heaven

What is it like being single and free? It feels like eons ago, but wait, i cannot remember the feeling. I can remember the times, but i cannot really remember the feeling. But that “cannot remember the feeling” thing is in a positive note.

Because now, i know, i cannot see myself in the morning without the smiling Aika waking me up and saying “Good morning, mommy!” I will not exchange for a $x/hr job an afternoon play with Aika in the playground. I will not survive the day without hearing Aika say “Mommy, i love you forever!”.

You know what, i thought my life before, wherein I can freely go anywhere, do anything I want, go anywhere in a snap was already heaven on earth, but now, my life with my daughter Aika is… Heaven in Heaven!

I love you forever, Aika!

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