Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a Blessed and Loonngg Week!

Hi BFs (blog friends), i hope you had a productive week as i had. I have so many things that i would like to share with you, but first things first. I would like to tell you what happened to me last week.

Many of you, my bfs would be familiar with oDesk, because i guess, you came to know my blog because of various forums i joined regarding oDesk.

If only you can see my Message Center, i saved all the good news there. But that will just reflect the fun part of my first week at oDesk. You cannot see there the sweat, blood and eye bugs i had before i had my victory dance.

Before i joined, i read all i the threads and posts from my two favorite forums, Pinoy Exchange and Female Network. This took me two whole days to finish it. Then finally, on May 7, 2009, i signed up with oDesk, armed with all the tips and experiences of pinoy exchangers and sisses that i have read in the forums. It took me two tries with the readiness exams, 2 hours to complete my profile and 2 hours to finish 4 other tests.

Now, the exhausting part. I started applying, it took me 1 whole day to apply to almost every job posts i think i can do. Then came the dreaded messages, "Your candidacy has ended". Everytime i received that message, my heart ached and an there was an explainable feeling of hurt - i really don't do well with rejection.

Then after a day, i was hired by an American Mom who wants her kids' grades monitored, hooray! But do not think this is it, because it was just a 1hr/week job. Funny!!! But i never gave up, i continued to apply, maximizing the 20 applications quota.

The following day i had an interview with a pinay buyer who wanted to hire me as a writer. Wow, eversince, i really want to write! She was sooo kind, she gave me an opportunity to write, and she guided me all the way.. Bless her! That is not the only good news i received that day, i received 2 invitations for an interview with one Frenchman ala Hugh Grant, and one cutey New Yorker.

May 11, i started my writing stint, May 12 got acquainted with the cutey New Yorker and the following day, i "rubbed elbows" with frenchman ala-Hugh Grant! That did not stop there, the same day, the American Mom told me to assume a very unique job position (i will tell you about that in my next post), that is another 2 hours in the morning! Wow!

So, i had a FULL week. It was a very lllooonnnggg, but very fulfilling and a blessed week. Whew, i live for great weeks like that one!

So, my fellow oDeskers, don't fret if you are always rejected, erase the message in your inbox and apply again! In my next posts, i will be giving some tips on how to get noticed when you apply. Yes, i will tell you, the competition is VERY stiff in there! But, perseverance is always the key!

Okay folks, that's all for now, i have to go back to work, my hours already have an equivalent $sign on it! :)

The author, ZSPimentel is a Virtual Assistant Mom and currently a co-owner of the company, Hire a VA which outsources VA and SEO Specialists at a very reasonable rates.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Everything Online

When i graduated college, i wanted to be an Executive. My dream was to go to the office early in the morning, work my butts off, and have fun with friends before going home. For me, that was the perfect set up.

But then, came the world of internet. Everything seems to be done online. You can chat online, shop online, watch online, play online and many others.

Then came online jobs. Telecommuting. Virtual job. Perfect for both the employer and employee, win-win situation. Employer will save costs for office rental,utility bills, taxes, benefits for employees, plus accompanying headache in maintaining regular staff. On the employee’s part, they will save transportation, food, clothing expenses. Both employer and employee can do their work in their PJs, how cool is that.

I am part of the online job world already. I am enjoying every minute of it. Working one hour and playing with your daughter after that. Then back again to work. For me, it is like working in Disneyland - with all its glitz, fun and play! What more can you ask more?

What wonders can ONLINE do! Got to go, my daughter wants to play! Ciao!

The author, ZSPimentel is a Virtual Assistant Mom and currently a co-owner of the company, Hire a VA which outsources VA and SEO Specialists at a very reasonable rates.

Heaven in Heaven

What is it like being single and free? It feels like eons ago, but wait, i cannot remember the feeling. I can remember the times, but i cannot really remember the feeling. But that “cannot remember the feeling” thing is in a positive note.

Because now, i know, i cannot see myself in the morning without the smiling Aika waking me up and saying “Good morning, mommy!” I will not exchange for a $x/hr job an afternoon play with Aika in the playground. I will not survive the day without hearing Aika say “Mommy, i love you forever!”.

You know what, i thought my life before, wherein I can freely go anywhere, do anything I want, go anywhere in a snap was already heaven on earth, but now, my life with my daughter Aika is… Heaven in Heaven!

I love you forever, Aika!